"Generate Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter Campaigns with 1000s of AdGroups, Text Ads and Image Banner Ads and Dynamic Landing Pages in seconds! Your AdWords Campaigns are Razor Targeted, 100% Accurate Pay Per Click Adwords Campaigns".

Watch Video 1: Create a Winning AdWords Campaign in Less Than 2 Minutes!

Speed PPC Alternative PPC Keyword Toolz

Most people new to PPC Adwords and Pay Per Click Advertising create their campaigns incorrectly! This Pay Per Click Management Tool Will generate razor targeted Google Adwords campaigns!

SpeedPPC and Keyword RoskStar are great tools ... BUT! They are very expensive AND charge a monthly fee! Most of my customers want to create high quality Google Adwords Campaigns with 1000s of keywords, 1000s of AdGroups and Ads with 1000s of auto generated image text banner ads quickly and that's what PPC Campaign Builder (formely called PPC Keyword Toolz) does extremely well! Don't just take my word for it read what my customers are saying below! But watch all 6 videos to see the software in action!

Watch Video 2: Dynamic Image Ad Banner Support - Part 1

PPC Campaign Builder Image Ad Banners

Watch Video 3: Dynamic Image Ad Banner Support - Part 2

PPC Campaign Builder Image Ad Banners

Watch Video 4: Image Ad Banner Template Designer - Part 1

PPC Campaign Builder Image Ad Banners

Watch Video 5: Image Ad Banner Template Designer - Part 2

PPC Campaign Builder Image Ad Banners

Watch Video 6: Dynamic Keyword Insertion Expalined (DKI)

Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)

There are many more expensive tools like SpeedPPC or AdGrenade. You'll see that PPC Campaign Builder is all you really need for a very affordable price. Besides you get a lifetime of updates for FREE! Plus my 100% - no questions asked - money back gaurantee! It's a no brainer!

Watch Video 7: Professional Quality Keyword Tools to Clean, Group, Multiply, GEO Target and much more ...

PPC Keywords, GEO Target, Multiply, Group

Keyword List Cleaner:

Remove duplicate keywords, white spaces, sorting, upper case, lower case, find and replace text, prefix text, postfix text and much more. No need for Microsoft Excel!

Group Keywords:

Group your list of keywords into specific lists or groups by various filter options.

Keyword Mixer - Keyword Content Multiplier:

Create hundreds of combinations of keywords!

Keyword Match Type Generator:

Easily build Google "match type" keyword lists including negative keyword lists. The effective use match types will increase Click Through Rate (CTR) which inturn means a better Quality Score (QS), which leads to cheaper cost-per-click (CPC) and more targeted traffic.

Geographical Target Keywords:

The Geographical Keywords tool allows you to rapidly expand any of your keyword lists based upon geographical location. Target any Country / State / Province / City / Towns of the world and more. Plus create your own custom lists. This tool allows you to start doing what the super affiliates do everyday.

Long Tail Keywords:

This tool allows you to generate very large long tail keywords list of unique keyword phrases.

Keyword Typos:

You would be surprised how many people type in the wrong spellings for words. Super affiliates exploite this to their advantage and build huge lists of typo keywords. Now you can too! Use the Typo Generator Tool to manipulate your keyword list by generating all possible combinations of typographical errors for each word.

PPC ROI Calculator:

Use this Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator to estimate your potential Return On Investment of any of your campaigns.

Keyword Scraper:

This tool allows you to enter multiple website URLs and steal their complete keywords list in a single click! This is a very powerful way to build a huge targeted keywords list that your competitors are using on thier web sites!

Read these testimonials ...

I bought PPCkeywordtoolz some weeks back after hearing rave reviews. There are a few bugs but get this - I email Nitin about these bugs and he usually has them fixed in a matter of hours.

Nitin is a developer that actually gives a damn about support. I think its because he uses the product himself.

The product itself is great. This is so easy now I can fill my entire account limit today. 25 campaigns, 2000 adgroups with one keyword each, different image ads per campaign - great

If you have multiple accounts to manage this software can help you build out campains in minutes.

Usually cheap software is junk with poor support - not the case here.

While Keyword rockstar is complex and sophisticated - and highly capable - its also very expensive.

PPCkeywordtools is cheap, simple to use and very versatile.
Gareth M Thomas
Auckland, New Zealand

Nitin, you must be some kind of very scarce genius from Santa's native land.
1. You produce incredibly powerful tools
2. You provide them to us mere humans at prices I am still struggling to believe.

Fact is, I fell for Domain Hound and Keyword Genie even before looking at the ultra powerful Toolz. Some people may not understand this: your domain name choice and a few tweaks of your keywords can easily secure a top 3 position for you in google - without even one single link, article marketing, social bookmarking, or any other submission of anything. I have been successfully doing this, albeit the hard way. Now those 2 little tools are going to really push this to some major level.
I grabbed the 3 tools, and do count me in whenever you bring out any other tool. ANY TOOL! Bless man
RichNerd - Warrior Forum

After being totally fed up with trying to get support for ADGrenade because I lost my reg key, I came across Nitin's PPC Campaign Builder (formerly called PPC Keyword Toolz)! I'm so happy I found this tool. I can create AdWords campaigns just like ADGrenade and Nitin's support is second to none! He responds quickly! Just Amazing! Thanks.
Richard Cheah - Niche BluePrint Forum

hey I'm a newbie and making money on line using ppc, getting traffic by articles etc is so time consuming. Wow this tool is going to save me so much time - just want to say that there are a lot of rip off merchants out in the IM world and its a joy to watch video and a sales page for a product that (a) works and (b) is not filled with broken promises and BS - thanks
Martin - Warrior Forum

Nitin, You are a genius. I went through your PPC Campaign Builder and it is such an amazing and flawless program, you really should be selling it for more. I see it as being in the $200-$300 price range, it's that good of a product.
It took everything that Amit did with DigDb in 30 minutes, except in about 3 minutes. Incredible. It really helped me understand what I was doing.
Andrew Muller - British Columbia, Canada

Wow! I just downloaded TOOLZ. When I ran it, I saw a light shine down from heaven and heard an angel choir! I was dealing with Excel and I was bummed because I knew that the process would take FOREVER! Amazing program! Cant wait for Yahoo and MSN updates!
RobKed - Warrior Forum

The video is excellent. Thanks for making it. It really made it clear how to use it. I'm new to PPC but I can see how this may be the best money I've ever spent on any Internet tool or program.

Hey Nitin, I'm in PPC Classroom 2.0 and once again that you so much for your other tool PPC Keyword Genie. But I just wanted to let you know that you've literally saved me hours of work with your PPC Campaign Builder. I didn't need to buy DigDB or Excel. Your tool really does all i need to do with keywords. Thanks!
Anil Masod - Sussex, England

Are u kidding me? What a tool. You've just saved me so much time. I love the GEO targeting and the grouping feature the best. You adWords Creator is a awsome. I am also a PPC Classroom 2.0 member and it's made Module 4 so easy to do. Later dude!
Brian J. Millon - Boston, USA

Hi Nitin, your PPC Campaign Builder is amazing. I can now clean, group and geo target my keywords in seconds. The quick AdWords Campaign creator is just amazing. It literally saved me money and time. I really suck at Excel with all that copy and pasting is just a pain for me. Plus I did not have to buy DigDB which is a real bonus. Please let me know when you create any other IM tools.
Sandra P. - Newcastle, Australia

Fantastic tool Nitin. I bought your other tool PPC Keyword Genie and I use it every day to do that "Domain Trick" to get really cheap keywords. Now with PPC Campaign Builder I can clean up and create Google AdWords campaigns in seconds. Module 4 in PPC Classroom was a huge challenge for me, but your tool has made implementing the techniques real easy!
Jane Simpson. - Nashville, USA

Nitin I think the price for your PPC Campaign Builder is way cheap. I think people will underestimate it because of that. You should raise the price! Anyway, here's the feedback. I am PPC Classroom 2.0 member and Module 4 where Amit builds a campaign using Excel and DigDB, well first I did not want to spend $40 on DigDB and Excel is just a pain for me! So when I saw your PPC Campaign Builder I bought it and I was truely blown away. I could now create my campaigns in seconds!! That feature in itself is worth the money. Cheers... I'm in Toronto, let's go for a beer sometimes!
Sam Addissone. - Toronto, Canada

What PPCtoolz has that other tools do not is an easy way to break into the image placement area. Other tools have your basic campaign settings that you can import into adwords editor, what other don't have however is an easy way to use image placement ads. The provided templates alone are great, if anyone has used image ads you realize the different amount of image sizes that are allowed to use and how down right specific they have to be. If you use an image with the wrong image size Google does what Google always does, denies your ad, all because you missed one pixel! Just the included image templates alone will save you the hassle, not to mention the ability to upload all the different sizes (of course some convert better than others). Lanx - Warriors Forum

I bought this tool waaay back when it first came out! Even when I first got it, it was a complete bargain. Now, Nitin has added so much to the tool that its starting to make the competition (SpeedPPC etc.) seem redundant. His goal has always been to make the best PPC tool out there, and he's pretty much there already... except he isn't stopping! This guy just keeps adding new features on a regular basis... and the best part is that updates are free for life. Not to mention the price he's charging is ridiculously low as well.

So all said, if you want the best, most feature rich PPC, and most current PPC tool that you'll never need to look beyond this thread. Gaurav Duggal - Warriors Forum

I have been using PC Keyword Toolz for almost a year, and have had great success with it. I used to get lots of error messages when I submitted my campaigns directly through Google, but now I get none. All of the ads go through perfectly, and it is VERY easy to use. Plus, it saves me many hours of time setting up my campaigns.

Can't say enough about PPCKT. I also love the Domain Hound software. Huge time-saver for getting great keyword-rich domains!

Thanks for your great product and support Nitin. You're one of the "good guys" in the IM arena.

Jim Everett - Warriors Forum

Hi Guys.

I bought this software a year ago, It performs brilliantly, there are some very expensive alternatives out there with less features than PPCKWT.

Especially now it has the image generator, I particularly like the KW tool, you can design a highly targeted KW list, with localised settings.

I was very impressed when it included all the counties, towns and boroughs of the UK. I have a site that markets only within my home city, this tool doubled in value to me with the pinpoint local KW options.

Whenever I have emailed Nitin for support he has always answered quickly and helped me out thoroughly.

You need this software in your PPC arsenal.

John - Warriors Forum

Just passing by here and wanting you all know I've been using this tool since its creation and it's really AWESOME. I never saw such a great combination of tools for keyword filtering, keyword list building, dinamic landing page creation and, of course, PPC campaigns building.

In fact, PPC Campaign Builder saves me almost 500 dollars from the go since I was able to cancel a test drive I was running with another tool all of you know. IMHO, Nitin's software is not only much more cheap but a better tool.

Ah! I forgot to mention: if you create PPC campaigns for customers just like me, this tool is a must. This tool or whichever do the same work. I can't think in building a campaign with 1.000 Ad Groups and several ad variations for each one without a tool like PPC Campaign Builder.

Finally, I want say thanks to Nitin since his support (and his updates) has been second to none.

All the best with your WSO my friend,

Leonardo - Warriors Forum

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